random musings...

Bird Watching

the other day I came home from work, and fermat was glued to the front window. not moving at all, except for his tail going back and forth.

it really isn’t weird for him to be waiting for me when I come home, I’m getting used to that. but not like this. he was GLUED to that window.

…and then I saw the bird sitting in the shrub not more than three feet from the window. he was looking at furry and looking at me, chirping a bit. and just sitting there.

that was maybe 4pm. a bit later I grabbed my laptop and sat down on the park bench in my front yard to do a bit of work. the bird was still there. and he was still there when I finished. still there after dinner. still there a bit after 8pm, with things starting to get dark…

the next morning the bird was gone. he either found his way home, or he’s in a better place.