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Who Is Fermat?

fermat is my cat, a black/gray/white striped domestic shorthair.

once I get photo stuff working here on the site (that’s my current side project), I’ll put some photos of him up. the former hardcoded site had some younger pictures of him, but nothing recent.

I adopted fermat from the pasadena humane society about two years ago. he was 4 months old at the time.

he’s named after the 17th-century french mathematician pierre de fermat. you might be familiar with his enigma (sometimes referred to as his last theorem) which was finally proven by andrew wiles in 1994, after more than 350 years of unsuccesful attempts by many talented mathematicians.

plus, “fur mat” (though the name is really pronounced more like “fur maw”) seemed like a fitting name for a cat, and furry works as a nickname. he’s got pure white fur on his feet, so I almost named him socrates, so that I could call him socks for short.