random musings...


so, I read this post on mythtvnews about hacking an appletv to run linux and a mythfrontend, and I just had to try it. a 40GB appletv arrived at my office last friday courtesy of amazon. after some hacking and a bit of frustration, I’ve got things mostly working…

  • continuing the oxy tradition of naming boxes after cats, this little guy is caracal.
  • getting gentoo installed and running was simple, possibly because I run gentoo on some other boxes.
  • with a 2.6.24 kernel, nvidia driver 169.09 and a wired network, everything just about works. I still don’t have the internal IR working though.
  • wireless networking doesn’t want to work under 2.6.24, which is a bummer because I want to set this up on the tv in the guest room.
  • with a 2.6.25 kernel, wireless networking works.
  • nvidia 169.09 won’t build with 2.6.25, and the driver that does (173.14.09) doesn’t seem to work. I get a flash of green and then nothing… black. X is running, mythfrontend is running, but nothing outputs to the tv.

all-in-all, the things that are working work well… playing 1080i and 720p recordings from the backend works just fine, with maybe the occasional buffering pause in 1080i.

next I’m going to try the 177.13 nvidia beta driver under 2.6.25 to see if that works any better than 173.14.09.

177.13 does the same thing that 173.14.09… quick green screen followed by a bunch of nothing.

I just ordered a ethernet over powerline kit and a second streamzap (identical to the one I use on the main mythbox). with that hardware (wired network and external IR input) the appletv should be ready to move to the guest room.