random musings...

Lion, Yanlb

another new linux box.

this one is a new mythtv frontend, based on a little mini-itx nvidia ion board. sinced it’s an ion chipset, and I needed a “big cat” name (io triumphe!), this one is lion. ;-)

the ion is actually pretty slick for a mythfrontend. it’s got an intel atom, an nvidia 9400M, hdmi and optical audio outs… the 9400M is new enough that it can use vdpau for playback, definitely gives it a leg up over the appletv box in the guest bedroom.

it’s been able to playback almost everything I’ve thrown at it. 720p and 1080i ota hd, no problem. 720p divx re-encoded from the ota hd to save space, no problem. dvds, no problem. the only thing it couldn’t handle was a 720p ogg theora file of big buck bunny but I wasn’t really surprised by that, vdpau can’t do ogg theora in hardware (yet? hoping…).

I installed mythbuntu on lion, which is a bit of a departure for me. the rest of the linux boxes in the house run gentoo. but JYA has backported the vdpau support from mythtv trunk to the 0.21 fixes branch, and he maintains an ubuntu repo with his builds. so I decided to go this route rather than try to build his 0.21 backport in gentoo, or try to track trunk. so far it’s working really well…

did I mention that lion is really quiet too? the board itself is fanless, and the case I chose has a DC power supply with an external brick for AC/DC conversion. the case has a small fan that I had removed at first. but since we’re heading into summer, and the den is the hottest room in the house, the fan is back in for now. but I think the tivo is still the loudest thing in the room, and it’s not all that loud, so I think the fan will stay in for now.