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Ruby's Mileage Over Time

fresh from google docs, mileage over time for ruby (our 2005 prius)

edit: new chart link, using the new charts on google docs…

the chart covers september 2005 to now. I haven’t figured out yet how to get google docs to include the values in the date column as labels along the X axis, then again I’m not really a spreadsheet sort of guy. ;-) (note, the problem here is that the date is not in an adjacent column, and can’t figure out how to do disjoint ranges when defining the range for the chart).

mfd mileage is direct readings from the computer in the car at the time of the fillup (I reset those with every tank).

calculated mileage is the number of gallons used in the last tank divided by the number of miles driven.

calculated mileage can be a bit rough because of the flexible bladder in the tank (smaller tank when cold, etc.), so the 4 tank rolling mileage is the gallons used in the last 4 tanks divided by the miles travelled on those tanks.

she’s currently averaging ~46mpg for her lifetime (calculated, not mfd). and even the calculated mileage has been less spiky recently.