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Organic Food

I saw this article- in yahoo news, and had one thought pretty much immediately

the hypothesis is flawed

I buy organic veggies or milk not because I believe it to have some sort of mythical higher nutritional value. I buy it for what it doesn’t have; insecticides, growth hormones, etc.

beyond that, I try to buy my organic produce at the local farmers’ market. not because it’s necessarily any better than what I might find elsewhere, but it hasn’t been shipped in from the other side of the globe.

when I showed him the article, my friend alan pointed out that organic farming isn’t just about an end product. it’s about how much permanent damage we do to the land and the environment in the production of the food. even if no chemicals end up on the food I buy, that doesn’t give me much hope if they just washed off end up in the water I drink, or the water that the next crop is irrigated with.

makes me want to find the original study, and more importantly, take a look at who funded the study and who funds the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. maybe I’m seeing conspiracy where there’s plain laziness, but they really missed the boat on this one.

to close with another insight from alan:

This reminds me of other junk “science” research – like the ones saying that protein/health bars are no different than snickers candy bars. Because the only thing they compare are raw calories.

the article doesn’t seem to be there anymore… in any case, it was about how buying organic food is irrational because it provides no additional nutritional benefit over conventionally-grown produce.