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The Lunatic Fringe

ok, this is pretty kooky. seems that some of the more rabid opposition to and outright distortion of healthcare reform is coming from the religious right1. specifically, some really crazy distortions are found in talking points pulled together by the liberty counsel, apparently connected with jerry falwell’s liberty university.

thedailykos does a pretty good job of refuting the talking points so I won’t belabor it here. go read it though, it’s pretty frightening the depths that people will stoop to… and I think this nugget sums it up best

…the Liberty Counsel’s talking points appear to have been assembled by someone who is either only barely literate or who simply scanned the document for language that could be twisted to serve their own propaganda purposes, with little regard for what the legislation actually says.

more on death panels … I agree, the later posts to the palin facebook don’t really have the same……… flair… that her earlier writing and speaking does.

1 which, as moby pointed out, is neither.