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First Philharmonic Concert of the Season

for the last few year’s we’ve purchased a series for the los angeles philharmonic season at the disney hall. this year is no exception, and last night was the first concert in our series for this year. dudamel conducted messiaen’s turangalîla-symphonie. I’m not usually one for the more modern symphony pieces, but this one was exceptional.

the stage was packed with a fairly full orchestra, and even included an instrument I’d never heard of before, the ondes martenot. some of the sounds the ondes produces are downright eerie.

the ten-movement symphony was really a treat; a full dynamic range from extreme pianissimo to roaring fortissimo. and the composer’s grasp of interesting rhythmic constructions was extraordinary. that said, eighty minutes is a long time to sit in the chairs at the disney hall, they aren’t known for their comfort.