random musings...


t’s come to my attention that the new svg logo at the top of all the pages on this site doesn’t work quite right in webkit browsers (safari, chrome, chromium…).

the slight blur effect on the shadow doesn’t work. I haven’t managed to find a webkit-specific bug for that one, but chromium seems to have an unoptimized fix, hopefully they push it back to upstream so other webkit browsers benefit as well.

also, the transparent background comes through as white. looks like they had this one fixed and then it regressed. hopefully they’ll have a fix soon.

I had tucked the nav and story content up a bit, and the decender on the ‘g’ in ‘.org’ was overlapping the top of the first story box. looked pretty good, in firefox anyways… but really pretty broken in other browsers, so I’ve reverted that change… for now anyways.

Welcome Riley!

well, fermat has a little big younger brother. on thursday we picked up riley, a very handsome chocolate lab, from The Independent Lab Rescue of SoCal. he’s about four years old, and the most polite well-behaved dog you’ve ever met. he’d been fostered with three cats, so we have a lot of hope that he and furry will soon be friends…

furry, on the other hand, isn’t so sure. ;-) we’ve gated off the kitchen so furry has some dog-free space to himself, and he was in there when karen brought riley in the door on thursday night. there was a bit of low yowling and a tiny bit of hissing at the gate when they met, then we took riley into the den. about fifteen minutes later, furry poked his head around the corner. he’s definitely curious, which I guess is a good sign. he could have just holed up in the kitchen for a while…

this morning they touched noses (progress), and then furry hissed at him (not so much progress). it’ll take time, I guess… it’s only been a couple of days.

oh… picture. here’s a picture the rescue took. we’ll have pictures of our own soon enough…

Nobel Peace Prize

I’d been struggling with how to express my thoughts on the nobel peace prize… and then clay bennett came along and summed it up beautifully.

I think he’s nailed it. obama’s only qualification may well be that he’s replaced george bush in office. I honestly don’t think that’s the case, but even if it were, the award is still deserved because the world is a decidedly safer place. if nothing else, I feel safer…

r.i.p. Directivo

our tivo died on wednesday. it was an original directv series1 tivo, made by philips (a dsr-6000).

it lasted a lot longer than I had any right to expect… it survived nearly a decade of constant use; I bought it in early 2000. I’d replaced the hard drives twice. once to expand the capacity, and the second time when the expanded drives developed problems due to age. I also replaced the fan years ago… so, no real surprise.

sadly, directv doesn’t have actual tivos anymore. there are rumors of a new collaboration between directv and tivo to be released sometime next year, but that doesn’t help us now. so, for now, we’re going to give a directv dvr a try. it won’t be a tivo, but we’ll see how it goes… I’ve heard mixed reviews from former tivo owners. frankly, we use the mythbox for most of our tv recording and viewing, but there are some things that just aren’t available over-the-air…

Google Streetview of Legoland...

legoland let google streetview in to photograph the park.

I think my favorite part is the little icon in the thumbnail view that shows you where you are and which direction you’re facing… usually that’s a little green guy, but inside legoland it’s a little lego character!

Les Paul Is Dead...


I mean, he lived a good life, and did amazing things… but still, the feeling of loss. and I never actually saw him play live……

and in what is perhaps a fitting (though oblique) monument to the man, It Might Get Loud opens this weekend. not about him, obviously, but his legacy is going to be all over the screen.

The Lunatic Fringe

ok, this is pretty kooky. seems that some of the more rabid opposition to and outright distortion of healthcare reform is coming from the religious right1. specifically, some really crazy distortions are found in talking points pulled together by the liberty counsel, apparently connected with jerry falwell’s liberty university.

thedailykos does a pretty good job of refuting the talking points so I won’t belabor it here. go read it though, it’s pretty frightening the depths that people will stoop to… and I think this nugget sums it up best

…the Liberty Counsel’s talking points appear to have been assembled by someone who is either only barely literate or who simply scanned the document for language that could be twisted to serve their own propaganda purposes, with little regard for what the legislation actually says.

more on death panels … I agree, the later posts to the palin facebook don’t really have the same……… flair… that her earlier writing and speaking does.

1 which, as moby pointed out, is neither.


I’ve always maintained that it really isn’t a good sign if a Dilbert cartoon resonates particularly well with your life. after all, Dilbert is a caricature, a worst-case if you will.

so, imagine my chagrine when I saw this cartoon and realized just how perfectly it sums up how I’m feeling lately… :-(